Holding magnets

Magnetic chucks are used to keep small or even big objects by a given surface; they are used in different locks, as well as in the automation of production processes.

Magnetic chucks are magnetic circuits characterised by optimal use of the magnet force. The range of their magnetic field is smaller than that of the magnets, for the chucks are intended for direct attraction and keeping of an object. The tearing force of magnetic chuck in the case of iron surface is much greater than the tearing force of the magnet of analogous size. It depends on the thickness and smoothness of metal sheet, to which the chuck is attracted and also on the temperature. In elevated operating temperatures (up to 450 °C), chucks with alnico magnets may be used. The chucks with neodymium magnets perform well when large lifting capacity at low operating temperature (up to 80 °C) is required. The advantage of magnetic chucks is their mechanical durability and easy assembly. Magnetic circuit protects against mechanical damage even when it is repeatedly hit. The chucks are fixed with the use of straight-through hole with a seat for a head of a bolt or internal or external threads. We offer typical magnetic chucks available directly from the stock, and we also accept orders for individually designed chucks.

Holding magnets

Magnetic chucks contained within a housing are magnetic circuits also characterised by optimal use of magnet force. The range of its magnetic field is much larger than that of simple magnetic chucks, because they are intended for attraction and keeping of iron objects.

Magnetic chucks contained within a housing

They are contained in a housing made of acid resistant steel. Therefore, the magnet is protected against hits and any possible contact with water. The actual lifting capacity depends on the following factors: gap between the magnetic chuck and the attracted object, material from which the attracted object is made, surface of the attracted object, direction of the tearing force, thickness of the attracted objects, working temperature.

The advantages of such magnets (chucks) include resistance to mechanical damage and large range of their magnetic field. We offer a variety of ready lifting magnets (chucks) and we also produce lifting magnets (chucks) tailored to the Clients’ orders.

Magnetic lifting magnets with separable field are magnetic circuits made with the use of permanent magnets. They are used to lift and transport heavy elements made of iron and magnetic steel. These devices do not require any external or internal source of power. The magnetic field is turned on and off by moving the hand lever. The magnetic field of chucks is created by neodymium sintered magnets of the most recent generation. Thanks to their small size and considerably small weight, they are operated in a very convenient and easy way and their tearing force equals even several tons. They are used in steel storehouses, factories, warehouses, workshops, docks, and in any other place where they may be useful for transporting pipes, metal sheets, panels, and other large iron elements. The magnetic chucks of CM series are provided with an annual guarantee and CE declaration of conformity.

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